More than 40 years of success in Europe and other parts of the world.

Now an office in The Netherlands.

12 o'clock services

That your company is heading for bankruptcy, or is imminent.

Global Partners will evaluate and pursue restart options. We establish a plan to restructure the viable parts of the company clearing the way for a potential restart at the time of bankruptcy filing.


Benefit: satisfies creditors and insures a contining workforce.

Interim management

12 o'clock situations

  • Management is not fully in control (crisis management)
  • Default status (orange or red)
  • Pre-pack process by creditors


Global Partners solutions

  • Structured sale of assets, inventories and equipment
  • Detailed (store) closure programs
  • Forced sale of assets and inventories



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» Office Leidschendam

   the Netherlands


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» Companies without successor

» Full and partial shutdowns

» Closing sales or clean-up programs

» Synergistic coverage plans post mergers

» Relocation movements

» Reorganization

» Eliminating underperforming assets

» Restart post-bankruptcy



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