More than 40 years of success in Europe and other parts of the world.

Now an office in The Netherlands.

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The faces behind Global Partners

Worldwide success with Global Partners for 40 years. Our local Netherlands office, managed by Lance Wilhite, brings experienced corporate, result-oriented performance to asset management. His passion is helping companies and institutions in difficult times with a specialty in a socially responsable perspective from your first contact. We focus on solutions. Welcome!

1) Consultancy:

  • Restructure
  • Interim management
  • (store) Closing Programs


2) Ownership:

  • The purchase of shares of companies, including activities and assets
  • Purchases of tangible assets, such as inventory, equipment, inputs and machinery, vehicles, etc.

Our service consists of two parts:

  • Direct relationship with investors for paying for inventory and assets
  • Strong expertise in generating maximum value from the sale of assets / inventory
  • Restructuring and downsizing companies
  • Dedicated management and network both home and abroad for rapid implementation of the correct and necessary actions

Our core strenghts:


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» Office Leidschendam

   the Netherlands


» Mail

» Address  Leidsekade 12

                  2266 BG Leidschendam

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» Companies without successor

» Full and partial shutdowns

» Closing sales or clean-up programs

» Synergistic coverage plans post mergers

» Relocation movements

» Reorganization

» Eliminating underperforming assets

» Restart post-bankruptcy



Our services have been successful in:

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